Our philosophy

Our unit was aptly named after the neighbourhood it is situated in, Vorina, which actually means standing on the northern part, where the most ancient habitation remnants have been discovered, dating back to 3000 bC.

Ktismata, on the other hand, is the plural of the word ‘ktisma’ which means building – structure.

Vorina Ktismata is one of the best rated hotel in Amorgos.

Our philosophy

  • Building design was based on the principles of bioclimatic architecture thus ensuring natural light and ventilation and keeping the temperature low
  • Rocks and stones used in landscaping come from local excavations and have been used according to the traditional craftsmanship rules for dry stone walls (xerolithia)
  • State-of-the-art external window (double insulated energy crystals containing special gases) and door wooden frames have been used for maximum sound and heat insulation, as well as air tightness, contributing to healthier living conditions and to reducing the need for air conditioning
  • Outdoor lighting locations have been carefully selected to minimize the number of low-consumption lamps used and with a view to not only saving energy, but also preserving the low profile intended for the entire premises
  • Plants used belong to the local flora (oleaster, oleander, lentisk, locust tree, honeysuckle, herbs) requiring very little water
  • There is a rainwater collection tank used for watering the plants and for cleaning
  • To save energy, solar thermal systems have been installed for water-heating
  • Power supply in all apartments is activated by card, cutting off supply when guests are not in their room
  • All electrical appliances, TV sets, fridges, washing machines, AC units are of the highest energy classes

Raising the awareness of guests and staff

  • We inform guests of the environmental particularities of the island and of our environmental practice
  • If our guest agrees, we will change the linen every three days
  • We also inform and offer guidance to our staff on our environmental practice
  • We recycle, to the extent possible, given the island’s capabilities
  • For our breakfast, we procure fresh local products, vegetables, cheese, honey, fresh fruits…, from local organic farmers